Amazon Pallets For Sale: The Scam Of The Year

amazon pallets scam

Consumers spent $565 billion online with American merchants online in 2020, per a reliable source. That would be 14% of all retail sales. Notwithstanding the monumental bulk that number represents, there’s hardly the implication that everyone has their product delivered to them, and they live happily ever after. eCommerce returns went twice the volume going over from 2019 to 2020. Close to $102 billion of merchandise bought was sent back. Among the recurrent reasons customers keep sending back, their online purchases are: 20% get damaged products; 22% products gotten actually look different, and 23% get the wrong item. Amazon Pallets For Sale: The Scam Of The Year – you have to learn how to steer clear of scam companies masquerading as legit liquidation companies. 

Hot on the trails of Amazon pallets 

30% of all Amazon products get sent back, relative to the mere 8.9% of goods returned to physical stores. This does not necessarily come as a shocker, considering close to 49% of US retailers offer a free returns shipping policy. Customer-friendly, but also making for a lot of bellyaching for the retailers. It’s only fair that the question should go forth – where do all the Amazon pallets go? 

Amazon sellers and retailers could pile them back up on virtual shelves, but we can only imagine the cost that inspecting, repacking, and relisting would entail. It’s much more appealing from a business standpoint for companies to liquidate these returned products. Ringing out the old and ringing in the new!

Resellers can rejoice that not every Amazon pallets is faulty or damaged. There are any number of reasons an item may be returned, besides it being done to smithereens or dented. There could be buyer’s remorse, the fact of the irrelevance of the product to the customer sometime after the ordering/delivery, or the product looks not as per customer expectations. The customer is king, and his fancies/whims are to be respected. As least, we know that most customer returns are new and in unopened condition. 

Amazon then sells pallets of customer returns to liquidators. This lends small businesses and retailers access to all that merchandise via online liquidation marketplaces. High quality branded and non branded merchandise is thus made smooth, accessible, even affordable, thanks to these online marketplaces. 

Warehouse liquidation is actually a concept that goes back to ancient times. Clearing out overstock, customer returns, and seasonal items have always been vital to bringing new merchandise in. However, over time, the merchandising process has just shifted online. Owing to tech that grows by leaps and bounds, getting hold of Amazon return pallets is close to as easy as turning on your device. 

Why should Amazon pallets be considered profitable? 

Amazon return pallets are actually such great profitable deals that scammers have invariably collected around them. All the more reason, we ought to be able to spot amazon scams and sidestep them. We should actually actively boycott those offering scammy services in the name of offering Amazon pallets at great terms. 

Hypothetically, anyone can start purchasing Amazon pallets. Some begin with a few hundred dollars, others with a credit line. Considering reselling, there are so many routes to satisfaction. 

If you are considering purchasing a new business or are looking for a side gig, sourcing these liquidation pallets is a commendable way to nourish your inventory. If it is sold on the primary market, it’s most likely you will locate it in the secondary market as well. All conceivable product types, from home and garden equipment, to clothing, electronics, health and beauty products, are being resold daily. You can specialise in a particular category or begin with general merchandise pallets. Only a little trial and error will tell you what suits you, and more importantly, what would satisfy your customers the most. 

You can go for a bit of bulk purchasing and be in possession of a mountain of inventory at once. Particularly sensible in case you have a lot of resale channels poised for action or in case you are the owner of a discount store. Flea markets are a foregone conclusion – and, surprisingly, exports markets too. 

The power and pelf behind Amazon pallets business is no joking matter. Your own resale business is, therefore, a smart move. When you think of the variety of inventory on American return pallets, these lots might just be your goldmine beneath Greenland ice! 

The cautious buyer in the market for Amazon pallets

When they consider liquidating, major retailers wish to shift merchandise fast and within affordability. Here Amazon return pallets and online auctions play the asked for the role. There are diverse ways you can start purchasing Amazon return pallets. 

What are you looking for? Getting the know-how ready 

Some items will be resale ready at the drop of a pin. Others could call for repairs. Some may even be dismantled and sold for parts. Such deeply discounted pallets still represent an investment opportunity for resellers. It would be best to know beforehand what portion of your intended inventory would demand repairs. You can then work time for repairs into you resale schedule. 

Some merchandise grouped as salvage even might be useful for retail shop owners and anyone seeking to source parts. Hence, it definitely pays to know what you are looking for when sourcing returned and excess merchandise. 

Find a seller of good repute 

Consider the experiences of other online resellers who have utilised the platforms you are exploring. They could have insights to share regarding where to source specific categories and who you ought to avoid. Customer experience is another factor you will need to take along, careful gander at. You would thus be sidestepping scammers posing as reputed sellers. 

Online reviews help you look out for scams 

Online review sites should be bookmarked. Pricing and auction listings across sellers have to be compared. For informed bidding decisions, it is necessary to get insight into the company, product, quality of goods, and return policies. 

What does a legit liquidation company do? 

To help you bear in mind the characteristics of a scam liquidation company/website of said company, we will delineate for you the salient features of a good liquidation house. 

  • Our Good Liquidation Company would be an online, auction-based marketplace selling liquidation stock. The Good Liquidation Company website covers products from more than 100 diverse categories. Items may be overstocks, shelf pulls, or end of life products from the country’s largest retailers and manufacturers. Good Liquidation Company could also refurbish items to the manufacturer’s intended standards. 
  • For you to bid, you have to register for a free user account. Then, you may search for merchandise thru keywords, category, and /or products’ condition. 
  • Good Liquidation Company will have a proxy bidding model. You may enter your maximum bid upfront. The system will submit the lowest bid needed to make you the top bidder. There would also be a ‘buy now price on some items. You would thus be enabled to bypass the auction process. 
  • Each auction has a comprehensive downloadable manifest with item descriptions, quantity, condition, UPCs, model numbers, and retail price. 
  • Good Liquidation Company would give you a 90-day warranty from the date of product pick up. This would be equally true for both brand new and refurbished products. In addition, you would be able to arrange for consolidated shipping for your orders. 

Shopping around for best deals, avoiding scams 

Certified sellers may buy Amazon pallets by placing bids or making purchases via liquidation companies. Customers may find Amazon products by clicking the ‘By Vendor’, ‘Marketplaces’ options on these websites. Amazon pallets may cost anywhere from GBP 1000 – GBP 10,000, contingent upon the marketplace, and are definitely a more affordable option for stocking a business rather than going thru conventional wholesalers. 

Telltale signs of a compromised website 

Now we draw your attention to what compromised or scam websites look like. As you might know, updated antivirus software on your system and good end-user training go a long way in sidestepping scammy websites and the mischief they bring. 

  • Strange looking URL 
    There should be no garbled text in the address bar. Also, there should be no punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors in the URL. Clicking on the address bar reveals the entire URL. The link may tell that your amazon account is locked and may target you to click link and lead to spammy sites.
  • Unnecessary downloads 
    If the website tries to hustle and urge you rather aggressively to download software, resist the impulse. That’s the oldest trick in the book – it would be a sin to fall for it! 
  • Pop-ups 
    Beware of Watering Hole attacks and pop ups. 
  • SSL certificate/https absent 
    An https and padlock on the URL show the website has SSL certification. 

Final caveat: read the fine print

Auction site bargains are a good excuse to rejoice. However, vigilance is the price of freedom. Generally, the products you are bidding on will not be in the best condition. 

As a rule, items on auction are returns. Or, they could have been resting in a warehouse for so long as to be begging for a thorough clean up. Therefore, please understand that items are not inspected and may not be functional. 

Considering that these products are provided through third parties, security cannot be vouchsafed. Therefore, toys and electronics products ought to be selected cautiously. 

There ought to be manifests attached to most products. These should be reliable guides to the contents in the absence of a further verification method. 


Amazon Pallets For Sale: The Scam Of The Year is a legit warning. You could be taken aback if your approach is too laid back. There are no few traps that you could fall into, were you to choose your products for resale without circumspection. Only go for the best liquidation companies. Be sure you know where each manifest for each of your ordered products is. If sufficient prudence is exercised, the purchase of Amazon pallets could actually bring you and your clients lots of joy. 

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