How To Spot A Scam On Craigslist

How To Spot A Scam On Craigslist

The advent of the spring and the cleaning of the deep house motivate more individuals to sell their old pieces of furnishing, sports equipment and clothes. This is why there is a considerable increase in numbers of such things on sites such as Craigslist in this season. There are amazing things to find if you have time and patience to go through the offering. Conversely, you may make excellent money selling them online if your own spring cleaning reveals hours of laminating items that you no longer use.

Sadly, though, the fraudsters are never far behind when money is needed. Craigslist is full of fraudsters that try to get fast cash out of the ignorance of the people. Keep your money secure by following these 8 guidelines with Craigslist, one step ahead of the fraudsters!

Be Familiar with the Services

Many frauds on Craigslist may be avoided with knowledge of fundamental website information. Make sure you know the following before utilising Craigslist:

This URL for the Craigslist is (link is external). Torturers typically utilise false sites to get purchasers to pay for things that are not available. Before you finish the transaction, always check the URL.

  • No transaction on their sites is backed up by Craigslist. You are searching for a scam if you receive an email or text to try to offer protection.
  • Nothing like a voicemail service from Craigslist. If you have a contact requesting access or checking Voicemail Craigslist, you have a shameful problem.

Deal locally

The sofa “recently used” for sale in a few States may be nicer than a 10 minute trip away, but the deal with locals on Craigslist is always safer. Accordingly, 99% of Craigslist scams are avoided by following this guideline, since the site has been advised to avoid fraud on its platform.

If you maintain your local transaction, you can complete your personal sales. Moreover, there is less risk that the terms of the agreement would be blurred by a language barrier.

Do not send any payment to anyone you do not know

It can be impossible to combat fraudulent controls. A bad check might also seem to be clear in view, so you agree to sell and spend your account money. But you will notice that the cheque was bounced a few days later. 

At that moment, your items disappeared from the customer, thus you were accountable for payment coverage while you supposedly cleared the goods. On the other hand, you can’t recover your loss if your vendor doesn’t get through with the items if you pay for an item using a money order or wire transfer.

Use cash on delivery

Cold cash is the most secure means of paying or raising funds for a Craigslist transaction. If you’re afraid you can trade money and items at a safe location such as your local police station or even the Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union if you are giving away a big amount of money to a stranger.

When you receive cash for a sale, bring in a fake detector pen (which is most often purchased in office shops and online) to make sure you don’t get fraudulent banknotes. This product will prevent you from large losses for as little as $5.

Beware of fake escrow sites

In the middle of a transaction, Escrow Services with a significant amount of money being held by a firm for two parties may be incredibly handy to sell and purchase online. But for questionable victims, they may also be a smart trap. Fraudsters frequently construct fake escrow sites to appeal to victims to dump their money into the hands of scammers. The website is a duplicate of a credible site of escrow service that you wouldn’t notice unless you sought for it.

Plan a physical meeting

Meeting a Craigslist vendor allows you to evaluate the item before you lock it up on the deal. You might also like to reflect on your mode of payment. Cash is usually a smart way to go if you are buying a cheaper item. However, if you buy a bigger automobile, you might consider a check from a cashier so that the transaction is proved.

You may also get to know the thing in person and assess the situation. You may choose to negotiate a lesser price or to leave the deal together, if the item is damaged. When selecting the mode of payment, avoid revealing any information about the identity that can be used again easily. 

Remember incredible stories are actually fake

Whether it is a lifelong bargain with a new automobile or a $400/month Manhattan apartment, amazing deals typically just try and get you out with money. As landlords, scammers merely search for someone, anybody, to make a massive discount of their really attractive rental. They generally say they are out of the city and they cannot show you the flat. You could guess.

Do not share your personal information easily

Conmen may get critical information by applying for a fake employment or checking the false background. Ensure that the job offer or app leads to the legitimate website of the apartment with an actual telephone number allowing you to talk with a real person. Fraud can collect and steal your identity, or try to break down your password, or get access to your accounts with the use of your sensitive information.


Craigslist is a great location to locate an agreement. It is also an excellent spot to deceive yourself. Craigslist fraudsters were founded in 1995 and have evolved for decades. Before transacting on the internet, you should prepare yourself as best you can.

It’s a good idea to conduct some research before buying on Craigslist. Conduct an online search to establish the retail worth of the product being sold. You can continue to browse sites such as eBay for information on the price you are paying for the item (or the like). Once the estimated value is obtained, compare it to the status of the item. It probably is if it looks too wonderful to be true. You can contact us if you get stuck to some of these scams.

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