Top 7 e-Bay Scams

Top 7 eBay scams

Covid 19 pandemic situation has made almost every person in the world depend on online shopping. E-commerce websites have been the biggest beneficiaries of the change. People are receiving their products and services at home, exercising at just their fingertips. So, it is easily accessible. However, in that course, we forget that scammers are always stalking us. Many of us leave our passwords of credit and debit cards there along with pins. That opens a pandora’s box for scams. eBay is a renowned website that indulges in buying and selling of various goods and services worldwide. 

However, it is also not untouched by ebay scams, scammers and fraud practices. So, a buyer and seller need to be aware and vigilant while making purchases payments. 

A pseudonym used by sellers on eBay 

E-commerce website eBay has all the protection measures, but somehow, fraudsters getaway using a false name to the company for registration purposes. They present fake identification cards and provide details that are not traceable and fit well within the website’s criteria. They sell products and services which are not there in reality. Once you seek them and make the payment, you receive disappointment. 

So, always check the number of items the seller has lined up on the website and the language written on them. Most scammers do not pay attention to what they write, and you can catch them red-handed and complain to the responsible authorities. So, you have to act smartly in that sense. 

Writing botched up name 

You may innocently place your order on the eBay website. However, unsuspecting consumers do not know the intent of the seller. The level of scam that is played cannot be caught easily. The seller lists an ordinary item with the buy now option on the e-commerce site. And once you make the payment, the seller would change your name with malicious intent. So, when it gets shipped to your place, and you find the incorrect name, the parcel would return to the post office or the courier company’s place. 

When you refuse it unknowingly, it also ends the possibility of seeking a refund from the eBay seller. Thus, neither you get your product nor the money back. Several people have complained about similar ebay scams. Scammers will keep both your package and money with them. Moreover, by adding salt to your wounds, you won’t be able to write the feedback as the transaction would be deemed resolved. 

Such ebay scams break the trust of a buyer completely. Thus, these incidents are also bringing a bad name to eBay. 

Fake sale offers 

eBay is an e-commerce website, and sales are synonymous with them. Scammers know about it. So, they spam your message inbox with offers to which you cannot say no to. Also, the layout used and products listed with heavy discounts will convince you to give it a try. So, when you visit the link, it will ask you to shop before the end of sales (time ticker). Users who are new are caught unaware of such tactics. They follow the link and place the orders. Now, there are plenty of repercussions attached to them. 

  • If you use the UPI payment option or e-wallet for initiating the payment, the scammer will copy your credentials as you type them. Moreover, there is a possibility of your mobile device or any system that you use for shopping getting hacked. The fraudulent may leave malware that can steal files with your personal information. So, huge harm to you gets initiated. 
  • Your credit and debit card pins and details can get stolen, and the limits can be exhausted within seconds of your initiating a transaction.

So, whenever you receive such offers, authenticate it with the original website. eBay does not give unrealistic discounts, and if any of the sellers do, be wary of them. Do not make any attempt to buy any item. 

Counterfeit approach on eBay 

Big brands will never give discounts that reduce the valuation and brand name of their company. It is the reputation and goodwill they care about the most. They believe in offering quality products and services and price them high, which draws the attention of niche buyers. So, if you see eBay advertisements providing heavy discounts on a social media site or in any online space, it must trigger red flags. There’s no possibility of such things happening in the light of the day.

Again, visit the official website to confirm it. Then, all your doubts will get cleared. Unfortunately, such counterfeit approaches are common among scammers. Also, there’s a good ratio of people who fall into the trap every year. Thus, the trick works in their favour. But again, if, as a buyer, you can keep your greed under check, you would know high-end brands don’t need to resort to that level. 

Bait and switch on eBay 

Sellers are victims of such ebay scams. Scam buyers would often purchase an expensive item like an iPhone with an intent to return it. We’ve all have seen people posing with stones in place of phones published on news websites on account of the buyer making the claims. Once these fraudulent receive the item, they make hue and cry about getting a broken phone (as they replace it with the one they have) and file a complaint. The seller has no option but either to refund or replace the item. 

Thus, the buyer does not have any other option to say anything. 

Fake emails of eBay 

You can receive emails with limited offers and flashover discounts on the template. The glitz and shimmer are enough to tell that the email is fake. There is no authenticity attached to them. So, do not fall for these gimmicks. 

Fake PayPal confirmation 

Fraud buyers would trigger a fake email confirmation to the seller and make them believe that they have received the payment on their email ids. However, the best way for them would be to look into their account balance and verify it. 

Conclusion : 

If you are a victim of an online funds scam, Fast Action Refund (FAR) is there to resolve your problems. You have to give the bureau of your account, irrespective of who stole your money; buyers or sellers, the web portal will try and retrieve your money in the quickest possible time. eBay is one of the oldest shopping sites. So, you should be wary while you buy or sell any products or services. 

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