Facebook Scams: Know how Frauds are Targeting Through Facebook?

Facebook Scams

Email used to be the ultimate channel for transmitting malware and Facebook scams. However, now people are aware of these virtual dangers and scams and stay vigilant towards them. The unfortunate news is that these scammers have transformed their strategy now when they saw that thousands of users are on Facebook. Some of these digital dangers against us are listed in the following points. 

Five most Common Facebook Scams 

Clickjacking or counterfeit links:

Free offers, fake news, fake stories, and several others can work as channels for transmitting malware or viruses. This luring offers, news, leverage stories aim at grabbing your attention like the fake emails before. The main point of these activities is to compel you to click on the provided link or share anything which transmits malware. Some of its examples include: 

  1. Links provided through direct messages, which aims that you look at them. 
  2. Links leading to another login request for email or Facebook provider. It is to extract information about your entire account. 
  3. Frauds create several fake surveys on Facebook to extract your data for spear phishing, identity theft, account hijacking, crafted attacks. 

Account disabled Facebook scam 

It is a kind of phishing scam that mainly targets users of Facebook. You may receive a mail asking you to verify yourself by signing into Facebook. The same mail will also have a link that will direct you to the firm’s login page. If by mistake or anything you move a step ahead and provide all your login data, you will fall into several serious issues. By doing such, you are actually providing all details to the hacker who created this page.

Never provide money for a product in advance 

Many fraud firms demand advance payments, and if you ask them why they simply raise another question on your buying intention. Never provide advance payment until you are satisfied or received the delivery of the product. If you make the mistake of paying before, the seller may never bring up the product. If you are thinking of using Facebook Checkout to purchase straight from a digital store, there are heavy chances of being scammed. For such cases, Facebook provides purchase protection.  

Stay vigilant towards counterfeit Facebook accounts 

The counterfeit account is one of the biggest Facebook accounts scam, and they have confiscated the entire market. They can employ the account to skim house stolen credit cards and vital data. You can go through the person’s or firm’s Facebook page, and if it appears new and empty, there are heavy chances that it is a fake or stolen account. These may purchase from you to fulfil all their evil intentions. 

Fake malware warning posts 

Terror things spread like a fire on social networking sites, especially Facebook. A very common example of this is fake malware warnings. Many people fall and consider this warning signal as serious and start sharing them into masses, and thus, they end up promoting the cause of frauds. 

How to fight these Facebook scams?

Facebook has taken many measures in the direction to mitigate scams. You can not report directly to Facebook about the suspicious content. 

  1. You can report Facebook about any suspicious activity by simply clicking the “Something Wrong” button. 
  2. If you get any questionable mail apparently from Facebook, forward the same to [email protected] 
  3. If any post or email appears bizarre, do not tap any of the links provided in it or do not open any attachments and immediately report it. 
  4. If someone is troubling you on Facebook, you can ignore, report, delete or block their messages. 
  5. Immediately report if you doubt that the account is impersonating someone or is fake. 
  6. If you get doubtful notifications, report them immediately. 

The greatest disadvantage of these methods described above is that they take a good amount of time to resolve the issue. So, now the question is, Where can you reach if you lose money via Facebook scams? or Where to complain if you are a victim of a Facebook scam and have sent a large amount to frauds? As the name suggests, Fast Action Refund can resolve your issue in no time. It is just a call away from you. Immediately call executives and get your payments stopped. 

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