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The chances of successfully recovering the funds depend on the particular case. However, if you hire us for this, we will do the preliminary assessment, which increases the likelihood of your success. Once we have analysed your case and if it seems to get your money back, then we will make efforts to our capacity to ensure the availability of recovery options. And not only have this, but we guaranteed you that we would leave no stone unturned to get your money to you was yours.

Performing a chargeback is a tiresome process, and you would have to provide all the necessary information to the bank that is generally not asked in an ordinary situation. You will have to adhere to the guidelines of the associated bank.
Moreover, when filing a charge individually, you can charge against a dispute only once.

But our specialists at Fast Action Refund build and represent our client at highest, and they do hard to get your charge approved.

A chargeback is retroactively cancelling your credit/debit card transaction. This process is instantaneous, i.e. as soon as you file the request, the process is reversed.

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