Spotting and avoiding common phone scams

Phone Scams

Phone scams have been around us for more than two decades now but it still seems impossible to stop them anytime soon. Most of the people have learnt how to avoid them but as with the CoronaVirus, scammers are also mutating and evolving at the same time. they are becoming more creative each day. 

This article will discuss most of the phone scams that happen with people on a daily basis and also,  a lot of different ways in which they can avoid getting scammed by someone sitting on the other side of the phone.

Types Of Phone Scams

I need help!

My own family was a victim of this phone scams. As the pandemic ended and everything was slowly getting back to normal, my father got a phone call from someone, claiming to be a known person. All the details he produced to assert his claims were true.

He asked my father to share the one time password he would get on his cell phone because of something the scammer was doing. The scammer claimed that if my father would help him with this, he would immediately transfer the funds to his accounts and thus, dad would not have to worry about a thing.

My father was 62 years old at that time and since being elderly, he thought to help the person and as soon as he shared the OTP with the other guy, 30,000 in funds were deducted from his account. 

As we realised that there was something fishy going on, we transferred most of his funds to my own bank account which was safe but still, it was a loss of 30 grand.

The best way to avoid such a scam is to never share the one time password the payment gateway application installed in your phone sends you. That is more than sensitive information that can lead any tom dick and harry top your hard-earned money very easily. 

You have won a million dollars!

Some people report that they receive messages that tell them that they have won a huge sum in a lottery or a lucky draw. All they have to claim the reward is to simply click on the link given below and then follow the instruction. A lot of people do click on the link, which is actually a link to download a trojan on the victim’s system and then send all the sensitive information to the culprit. 

The culprits then access the bank accounts of the victims as they wish. 

Sometimes the victim is aware of this fact and doesn’t even click on any such links and even if they do, they move their funds out to a secure place. 

One ring scam:

This is supposedly one of the most damaging scams because the scammer will give you just one ring in hopes you call them back. Kinda like a serial killer who is  interested in listening to the voices of innocent people and then kill them

Nevertheless, if the victim calls back, the connection itself costs them hundreds of dollars because they are being redirected to an international line. The aim of the scammer is to make the user listen to a pre-recorded message and as long as the victim is connected to the call, he or she is constantly losing money 

The double Dip:

What is better than to get your stolen money back, right? Yes, obviously nothing. Well, there are scammers who are aware of the mental state of a person that has recently lost his or her money to fraud and is looking for ways to make that money back. 

What the scammers do, is that they call the victims and let them know that tier lost money is retrieved and all they have to do is to share the bank account number or the IFSC code or some other banking information. 

As the victim does that, the money they have been holding in their bank accounts is completely gone. 

How to avoid such Phone Scams? 

 One thing to do is being brave enough to hang up. If you feel that something is fishy, just cut the call and do not pick if the same number appears on the screen.

Another very important way can be to never share sensitive information with anyone over a phone call.  You can also report a scam that you recently went through to us on . We will make sure that everything that we can do will be done to help you with the findings of your belongings. Contact us for more assitance. 

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