What are Auto scams, and How to Avoid It?

Auto Scams

Scamming or cheating is not relegated to few domains, but like a virus, it is spreading to many arenas of life and business. Trusting people is becoming increasingly difficult. You cannot assume what is going in one’s mind. You can only thank your luck or god if you wake up listening that you weren’t cheated. Now, people have started complaining about auto scams. These scams are high-profile, and there is the involvement of many people. 

How Does Auto Scams Occur? 

While dealing in a vehicle, like purchasing or selling, there are no proper paperwork or legal formalities, which indicates a possible fraud or auto scams. It applies to all two-wheelers, four-wheelers and other oversized vehicles. We all know, people spend a hefty amount of money from their income while purchasing an automobile.

Everybody wants to live a luxurious life as per the capacity and owning a power-packed sports car, or a bike is a dream for many. However, irrespective of money, dreaming about something is legit. 

Sometimes, out of curiosity or getting hands-on luxury automobiles, buyers slip to misleading advertisements on newspapers, texts, emails or websites. These ads ask you to deposit a certain amount in their bank account and promise to deliver the required vehicle. Once you do that, there’s no way you can track them. 

These scams occur because you can practically put up anything online with all glitz, there’s no one stopping or regulating the online market. However, it is your responsibility to keep your eyes and mind open and not feed on everything presented on the internet. 

Proper background check is pivotal while cracking a deal online. But most people do not find it necessary to do that and end up losing their money to charlatans. 

How auto scammers initiate scams? 

The best medium to trap innocent car buyers for scammers is to post online an attractive ad. They auction second-hand automobiles at inexpensive prices on websites like eBay motors and other sales websites. Now, who does not want to get them in their garage at a low rate? These frauds offer to chat online and share details of that motorcycle or a car. It establishes the first level of trust.

People get invested in it and try to know more about it without inquiring about the facts. They provide you with the number, and when you call them, they act as workers of a renowned firm. This zeroes in on the second level of trust. Now, they get a step friendly with you, and you do not mind.

They seek some personal pieces of information, and you give them voluntarily. They present fake invoices of other buyers, and that’s where you get fully convinced. The third level of trust won by the scammer. 

Now, they drop another and ask you for some advance cash and booking amount. It is your decision to say yes or no. But out of greed, trust in the seller and of course, driven by the automobile’s attraction, you agree to pay the token amount or the booking money. When you wait for another call after that, the phone is either switched off or out of service. They damage your confidence. 

You receive several disappointments through one incident. 

How to Determine a Fake Automobile Sale? 

You won’t find any reviews:

For everything, there are reviews online. After deciding to buy a vehicle online through an unknown person, ensure you read the review about the company that person told you about. Also, confirm with the company if that’s true. You can inquire on the official website. That will clear you the whole story. 

Push selling:

A genuine seller won’t press you to buy a vehicle repeatedly, but a fake one would always press and try to address your concern like his/her money has something to do with it. Scammers try several ways to convince you. Understand their trick. It must trigger a warning in your mind. 


Any true seller would not would more than happily ask you to visit their garage or showroom to see the vehicle’s situation. However, scammers would make thousands of excuses and would show you the condition. So, in that case, it is better to turn down the deal and move on. 

Do not allow independent mechanic:

You are putting out your hard-earned money. Thus, as a consumer, you deserve to inspect the automobile. But fraud or a scammer wouldn’t allow you to do that. So, say that person a big no and try your bargaining elsewhere. 

Ask your certificates and verifications:

It is simple to trick people online. But you can ask for your licensing, registrations, physical addresses and other documents. If the buyer agrees, that’s the best part because that partially removes your doubts, which is a huge relief and if you see the hesitation, do not go ahead. 

Wire transfer and gift card payments:

Scammers are up to no good. They’ll find ways through which money can come quickly. So, be cautious of their tricks. Auto scamsters ask you to pay them through gift cards to rescue themselves from any future issues. Also, wire transfer is another way. So, think about it; no auto scams would occur. 


Automobiles are luxury as well as a necessity for people. Some folks like to flaunt it, and scammers know about it. So, take advantage of your greed and innocence. So, be aware. Verify while buying or getting any deal inked. Check your cars and motorcycles thoroughly. Do not pay any advanced money and only make the payment when you are entirely satsifised. Always pick up a reputed firm. But if anything goes wrong, contact Fast Action Refund (FAR). The company specialises in retrieving your funds from dupe. 

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