Yellow Pages Scams UK

yellow pages scams

We’ve all been vulnerable to  FUD — fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It’s a very dishonest tactic and one that we hope most people finds too apparent. Even if Yellow Pages might have ceased publication in paper form, their website carries on the tradition of dubious memory. Now and then, there’s a scam that can be traced to the Yellow Pages UK.

Frequently, we come into the know of folk who have been defrauded through this venerable platform, asking for other complainants so that they may gang up on YP and get a lawsuit going.

Deceitful deceptions

Yellow Pages is great at selling services that appear useless in the main since they are expensive and give little to zero value in ROI terms. However, it now inveigles the people they call into verbally agreeing to contracts without those people even being aware of it. So, for example, an auto-renew clause hides in the terms and conditions for those who do sign a formal agreement.

We come to know of people shocked to receive Yellow Pages bills for hundreds, even thousands of pounds. They are seldom able to get through when they call the customer service line. When They do get through, they are intimated there’s no scope for anything at all to be done. All this because you replied in the affirmative during a phone call with their rep. Or signed a contract somewhere down the line,thus cementing the folly. 

Their phone companies even charge these clients. But, as per Better Business Bureau findings, people also vent their spleen, hyperventilating about auto-renewals post-cancellation. 

But it’s not just unsavoury business practices. There’s absolutely no rationale behind getting involved with Yellow Pages – not beyond their free basic listing. Regardless of how small their business is, it behoves them ill if they throw away their hard-earned money advertising with YP, considering the good number of alternatives available. 

How do Yellow Pages reps lie to you?

A decade ago, Yellow pages reps were busting their guts, coaxing and cajoling us into buying their print ad services. The same shenanigans, chicanery, and skulduggery feature their smooth oily talk about their online ad services. 

The reps have come up against an unbreachable wall of competition. In their desperation, they do not see farther than to foist their FUD upon helpless clients. 

They are the sole Google ads reseller in the country

There’s a lot of obfuscation here, a typical characteristic with Yellow pages. The implication is that a Google Ads Reseller is better than a Google Ads Partner. There’s no truth to this. Working with a reseller does not get you better rates. On the contrary, they are more expensive and get you less reporting. Also, it is impossible that Yellow Pages be the sole Google ads reseller in the country.

A Yellow Pages paid listing will improve your Google rank

A lot of Yellow Pages reps tell this lie. If you look carefully at a Yellow Pages listing, you will find that the link is a Yellow Pages site redirect – not an actual link to your website. That’s linking of shallow quality. Truth be told, the paid listing is no improvement over the free listing that promises a bit of local SEO growth.

The Yellow Pages website is more important than google in terms of traffic

A peep at data from any respectable provider of competitive website statistics will tell you there’s no truth to this. As per Amazon’s Alexa Internet, there’s no realistic and helpful comparison between Yellow Pages and Google. ‘Competition’ does not characterise the correlation between the two. 

Only Yellow Pages know the true tricks of the trade – and no one else can help you show up on Google as YP does 

Yellow Pages use the same technique as anybody else. Do not have the elixir to long term success on Google. Just like any advertising entity. Pay per click works the same for all. We, too, like YP, know which boxes to tick. 

No truth to this. They are themselves clueless, themselves having no idea what they are talking about. Ask them to furnish specific proof with instances.To the best of our experience, there’s no inimical impact of a client cancelling or diminishing their Yellow pages listing. You could, rather, only gain from this! Use your savings on better options, thus bettering your reach!

Cancelling your Yellow Pages subscription

Scrutinise your contract 

Once you go through your contract with Yellow Pages, you will find there’s an auto-renew clause that asserts that you must hand in a three months notice prior to your annual contract ends. 

Try to obtain the cancellation number by going thru the account validation

Hartley, the innocuous-looking bot on the ‘Help & Support page, asks many counter questions. For example, the agent behind ‘Hartley’ asks you if you will share your Yell account number. In short, customer support has to validate your account information before giving information and advice. Delayed information is not all that useful. If Yellow Pages wanted to appear more accessible, they would have given uis the ‘cancellation number’ without demanding client account validation.       

Contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline

0808 223 1133

They are also reachable via an online form. 

These guys are committed and will even help you formulate your argument. 


Yellow Pages definitely fight shy of giving you the freedom to leave. Like vampires, they stick their fangs into your throat, draining you of your vitality. In the event that you are unable to get out and Hartley is deceitful, one will have to hazard ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution. In case YP does not belong to any of the ADR fora, there’s the deterrent of court action. We fervently hope it will not come to that.  Fast Action Refund is there to fight your corner.

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