How To Recognize and Report Spam Text Messages Scam

How To Recognize and Report Spam Text Messages Scam

As the communications systems have been evolving, so are the scammers. The spam texts and spam messages can always come as an unwelcome invasion of privacy. If people fall for them, then they have the potential to create havoc in their lives. Ask anyone who fell prey to the infamous Walmart text messages scam. This peculiar occurrence went on till 2020. The Text scams work with one simple goal: steal the personal information and then steal the money. Now that transactions have been optimised to people doing them on their cell phones, scammers too, have evolved. 

Phishing that occurs over SMS is very easy to spot if you know exactly what you are looking for. 

Here are some ways where you can identify the text messages scams:

Suspiciously  long numbers:

If the sender of the texts is legitimate, then the number is mostly 10 digits. The messages that hail from the marketing departments run on phone numbers that are not more than 6 in digits. As of 2021, a lot of business providers have begun using local or toll-free numbers. That means if you get a text from a number that is 11 digits or more, then you are up for a scam. This, however, is a rare occurrence but even if it does happen, be extra cautious before you choose to respond. As a matter of fact, ignore this text and don’t reply or click on the link they share.

“My Family is in a crisis” texts

Receiving the texts as news that one of the family members is seriously ill can be alarming and won’t let a lot of windows to think it through. If you receive a text from a  random number that says that they need help, you might think of helping them out, keeping the fact in mind that this is the money they are borrowing and will return when the things are right but, this is not usually the case. Such scammers use the psychological traits of the brain to trick people into not sharing their personal details and then eat the money that the victim has probably been saving for years.

If you think that the validity of the text is not right, reach out to other members of the family and ask them if they received similar texts. If the texts specifically mention a person, directly call them to ask if they are okay. Even if they’re not okay, try and send the money to the concerned authorities instead of providing it to the sender. 

Text refund :

This is another form of text fraud that happens in the form of text refund. Basically, the people receive a text message that tells them that they have been overcharged for some service that they have been using. Many scammers will use the disguise of a cell phone service provider. The text will either offer you a refund for the money that was supposedly over the top when charged from you.

All you have to do is to share the details of your bank account. Sounds amazing? Not really. This is something that one should never do. Once the details of the bank are shared, there are very few chances of a scam not being there. Never send banking details to anonymous callers or text senders.

Random prizes:

The scammers have come up with a concept of sending out messages that claim that the victim has supposedly won some sort of a prize. These claims include cash and physical goods as prizes. The catch here is that the victims have to share their banking details. The greed factor plays an important role. Why would someone come out randomly and tell you that you just won some cash? Win from who? For what? What was the bet? Who lost if I won? All these questions should be duly thought of, if not asked.

There are legitimate contests where the senders are charged for sending the correct response to a question and the winners are chosen on a lottery basis. These are still not very different from the scams that happen to people on a daily basis. It is hard to tell whether the text is a legitimate win game or a scam. Let us have a look at some of the most common text scams. 

Walmart text Messages scam:

In this text messages scam type, the spammer will send out a text that will say that the victim has won a free Walmart gift card. The scammers then ask the people to click on a link that is sent if they want to claim their prize. If you have no memory of entering the contest and you do not drink heavy on a regular basis, then it is probably a scam. 

If you still think that it can be legitimate, then you should check with the concerned authorities and then work at claiming your reward. 

Another scam is when the scammers again send ink to your cell phone and ask you to complete a survey, on the basis of your experience at Walmart. Do not click that link or send the personal details out just like that. 

If you have been scammed, let us know about it and we will try our best to revert your belongings back to you.

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