Top 9 Travel Scams to Avoid in 2021

Top 9 travel scams to avoid in 2021

Who does not like travelling and exploring the world? It expands our vision and lets us experience the world with another glance. We become better person and gather knowledge that is not available in books. Most people travel considering their pockets. There can be solo or group travellers, and their expenses may vary. However, sometimes your tour may turn sour with travel scams that you may not think about while travelling. 

Do not land on fake websites for bookings 

Most travellers are busy in their lives and excuse some time from their jobs and schedule for travelling. During plannings, booking tickets and reservations, they may pay money to a fraud website without realising. It usually happens when unavoidable offers are popping in front of your computer or mobile screens. You take a ride of buying through them and end up getting trapped. 

So, before you spend money, ensure the website is genuine. If fares of buses, flights, trains and hotels are excessive low, you should verify them either through official booking websites or other renowned ones. If the gap is huge, then the booking platform is fake. You should avoid it. In the quest of greed, some people make the payment; they should file a complaint with the cybercrime. They can seek help from the Fast Action Refund (FAR) portal that specialises in retrieving lost or stolen funds. 

Travel apps downloading 

With the world driven by technology, we all download applications during travelling for getting better accustomed to the place we are visiting. However, sometimes in haste, we end up with a malfunctioned app. And that turns out to be the root cause of your travel issues. So, while you visit a play store and select one for your use, ensure the correct name gets spelt during the process; otherwise, a wrong download will make things worse. It is because we all keep passwords of banks and other utilities in our cell phones, and all can get stolen at once. 

So, take your time, read reviews, the total number of downloads and the logo. A fake travel application wouldn’t fool you. 

Fake coupons 

If you are a frequent traveller, online scammers will eye you and try to trap you through fake coupons. There are up to 99 per cent discounts on several bookings for travelling. You should stop there because no company or travel agency can offer that colossal concession in rates. Hence, do not click on such links and keep your money safe. On clicking the links, you may get tricked through phishing, malware and viruses unknowingly. So, do not be greedy while you prepare yourself for travel.

Avoid bus scams 

Bus travels can be the riskiest, and you are always inches away from getting scammed. You cannot separate yourself from your belongings while and after boarding it; otherwise, a travel scams is inevitable. 

  • Do not let any stranger extend a helping hand. That person may turn out to be bogus and may deceive you with your valuables. So, do not let them stow your bag and belongings in any circumstances. 
  • Ensure your bags are chained properly. Use anti-theft bags for better security. 
  • Never let your belonging get out of your sight. 
  • While you sleep, wrap your bag around your arm so that no one can steal that. 

Taxi Travel Scams 

When you visit a strange location, the local taxi drivers try to deploy a trap with their fake smiles and try to carry your luggage to get you in their taxis. They may ask for surplus charges and might threaten you. Also, they do not let you discuss the fare before you board and reach near the destination. That passes for a taxi travel scams. 

 So, in that case, either call your travel agent for a better enquiry or see the nominal rates online for the location. 

If those options are unavailable, book a cab or taxi through an authorised mobile application or check if there’s a ticket counter near an airport, railway station or a bus stand. 

Bump and grab Travel Scams

The bump and grab travel scams has plagued almost all locations of the world. In this where a gang of scammers or thieves divert your attention and elope in fractions of a second with your valuables. Suh victims are swarmed by people and get scammed before they realise anything. For averting the mishap:- 

  • Spread your valuables across your group if you are travelling with your friends and family.
  • Do not carry your wallet or a valuable item in the rear pocket of your pants or jeans.
  • While bumping on a crossroad or subway, keep your hands on your zipper or pocket.

Do not accept free items 

In several countries, you may find friendly people who may offer you things to eat or valuable items. Do not accept them because you may get tricked. Once you take the offer, they may demand money, and refusal can create a scene. So, be wary of such citizens. No matter how much they insist on pursuing their will or try to gaslight you, do not fall for it. The best idea would walk away from them without whispering a word. 

Waiter scams

When you carry a backpack, your identity as a traveller doesn’t need a certificate. So, any random guy can come across a street and introduce themselves as a waiter from your hotel that served you the last night. Now, you may have ordered something from someone and may not remember the face. So, sometimes you may fall for what they say. Such people may ask for money to return it or seek your mobile phone for a call or your camera for clicking your pictures. 

Also, they may offer to be your guide. Do not give your nod to it. They may run away with your valuables and retrieving them would become impossible. 

Do not divulge or ATM pin while travelling 

Not everywhere you find cards getting accepted for the payment. So, dispensing money from ATMs become important. However, if you surface an issue and someone tries to support you, do not seek it. They may exchange the card or misuse it. Also, do not let them look at the pin while you press it on the board. 

It is better to visit a local bank for urgent cash dispensation during your travel. 


Fast Action Refund (FAR) is one website that can assist you in recuperating your funds lost due to scams. Travel scams are most common. So, you should ensure the website you or mobile applications you book your reservations are genuine. Do not seek help from strangers while travelling and keep your belongings near you every time. 

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